Shepherd's hut
in Zakopane


Find out how oscypek cheese is made at workshops in our shepherd's hut

REAL Oscypek

In our shepherd's hut you can buy the original certified oscypek cheese


Admire the beauty of the mountains, which are perfectly visible from our shepherd's hut.


Visit us in Zakopane – the only such place with a highlander soul!

 Why is a woman in a shepherd’s hut a disaster? Which saint presides over the shepherds? Discover unusual stories about oscypek cheese and stories about highlanders. Take part in unique workshops and see unforgettable demonstrations of oscypek cheese production.


Regional products

Being in our traditional highlander shepherd’s hut, you can buy regional products such as:

Real oscypek cheese 100%
White and smoked flasks
Smoked small Podhale cheeses
Gołka – smoked Podhalański cheese

In the shepherd’s hut you will have the opportunity to try highlander Podhale cheese surrounded by beautiful mountains – the Tatra Mountains!

Stunning views

Mountains … why do we go there? To enjoy the magical views! They attract us as much as fresh air, silence and hiking along picturesque trails. See the most beautiful panorama of the Tatra Mountains – priceless! Let yourself be carried away to a unique place and visit our traditional shepherd’s hut in Zakopane. The only such place with a real highlander soul!

Workshops and shows

You cannot be bored in Zakopane. Our shepherd’s hut is a place where you can feel like in the old days. The original  interior made of solid wood refers to huts located high in the mountains. Only here you will see traditional, highlander oscypiorki, without which the shepherd cannot imprint characteristic patterns on the cheese, and you will learn what the “puffing” of oscypek cheese is all about.

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The charm of shepherds

The charm of shepherds Years ago, the landscape of the Tatra Mountains was decorated with hundreds of shepherd’s huts, huts and barracks. Buildings made of


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