Oscypek is the pride of Podhale

Oscypek is the pride of Podhale Smoked, brackish, with character, this is the most famous cheese from Podhale. Apparently, among the highlanders from Zakopane, there are experts who will immediately sense in which shepherd’s hut the cheese was made and who made the oscypek cheese. Get to know other cheeses that are produced in shepherd’s […]

The charm of shepherds

The charm of shepherds Years ago, the landscape of the Tatra Mountains was decorated with hundreds of shepherd’s huts, huts and barracks. Buildings made of wood, stone and rocks, typical of the shepherd profession, beautifully blended in with the Podhale nature. These places began to teem with life in the spring, when flocks of sheep […]

Shepherd’s dictionary

shepherd’s dictionary What is the sound of oscypek, why is a woman in a shepherd’s hut a disaster and how does a shepherd deal with wolves? If you want to find out how the most famous cheese in Podhale is made and what the real life of highlanders looks like in the pastures, you should […]